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Drum Return Service

Drums and Packaging

Cable drums shall be invoiced separately according to our price list for drums valid at the time of delivery and shall be paid without any deduction concurrently with the goods. In case our empty and undamaged drums are returned free to our Schwechat works within six months of the date of shipment we shall buy the drums back deducting a handling fee of 25% of the full price of the drum and shall issue a credit note on the relevant amount. In case the drums are returned after more than six months, the repurchase price will be reduced by 5% of the full price of the drum for every additional month commenced.

Non-returnable drums, planking, loading devices and other types of packaging will be invoiced to purchaser at cost and will not be taken back. The purchaser undertakes to arrange for disposal of the packing material and to pay the costs thereof.

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