Rubber Power Cables

Name Type Application Data Sheet
H05RR-F (GML) Light rubber flexible cable For use with light to moderate mechanical stressing in households and office premises for light electrical equipment. Not suitable for continuous use in the open air or for use in premises used industrially. Download
H01N2-D (NSLFFöu) Rubber welding cable Singel core cable for connection to electrofusion units as handheld electrode cable or as ground cable for use in dry, damp rooms and outdoors. H01N2-E (finest wire) on request. Download
H07RN-F (GMSuö) Heavy flexible cable, oil resistant Usable under medium to heavy mechanical stress in dry and wet rooms, in in free ambient or rooms subject to explosion hazards. Permissible for fixed installation on hoisting equipments, machinery etc. and for rated voltages up to 1000 V if installed protected in tubes or inside of devices and as motor power supply cable. Download
NSGAFÖU (Ghuöf) Special rubber cable, single core For application in busses and railborn vehicles, in dry rooms, if used in distribution or switching appliances up to 1000 V, it is considered to be short circuit proof. Download
NGFLGÖU Rubber flat cable For connecting movable parts of machine tools, conveyor systems and large equipment where the cable is exposed to bending in only one plane. Suitable for installation in dry, damp and wet rooms and outdoors. Download
NSHTöu Trailing cable, cable for cranes As a reelable connection and control cable in conveying and transporting systems; in dry and damp rooms, as well as outdoors. Due to the textile fabric between the inner and outer sheath, frequent winding and unwinding processes with simultaneous tensile and torsional stress are possible. Download
(N)FLGöu (L-STN) Rubber control cable with suspension element Used as a flexible power and control cable for medium mechanical stress in dry, damp and wet locations and outdoors. The cable is designed for connecting movable parts of machine tools, conveyor systems and large machinery. Download

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